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SAVOX EC Speaker

SAVOX EC Speaker

The Savox E-C is an earpiece that provides a hands-free solution when a discreet and simple solution is needed.

Key Benefits:
• Compact and comfortable
• An affordable solution when an earpiece type of headset is required
• Exceptional performance in high noise environments
• Can be worn with or without helmet, mask unit, protective suts and hoods when boom microphone is not possible to wear
• Adapts to Savox Classic PTTs and RSMs
• One size headset soft rubber outer shell

Technical Information:
• WEIGHT:20g
• MICROPHONE: Vibration sensitive
• SPEAKER IMPEDANCE: According to application
• CABLE: 2mm dia/760mm
• CONNECTOR: 4-pole quick release plug
• OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -25 to +63°C (continuous)