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HP 200 Assault Communication Headset with Hearing Protection

HP-200 Assault Communication Headset with Hearing Protection

A headset with hearing protection, peripheral awareness and ambient talk through. Designed for harsh environments including driving rain and also available in a fully waterproof variant.

Key Benefits:
• Provides optimum protection with high amplification electronic talk through
• Can be worn with most ballistic helmets
• Both earmuffs are shaped to suit both right-handed and left-handed shooters
• Boom mic versions available, which can be fitted on left or right earcup
• Two separate, well-shielded microphones for optimum stereo effect and spatial awareness
• High amplification and natural sound reproduction without "chopping"
• Aux input for connecting external audio sources
• Watertight battery compartment

Technical Information:
• WEIGHT: 310g
• BATTERY LIFE: Approx 600 hours with two standard AAA batteries
• MILITARY STANDARDS: Designed to Mil Std 810
• WATER PROTECTION: 1m submersible option available

• Headband or neckband